All player rosters with numbers must be submitted prior to the
 start of the tournament and registered with USA Hockey (preferably)

- Three Minute Warm-Up

- One Minute Intermissions

- (3) 15 Minute Run-time periods
- Stop-Time the last three minutes within 1 goal game only

- Times of the games are to keep everyone
   on time

- Nobody will be kicked off the ice for curfew

- 2 Points for a win: 1 point for a Tie

- 1st tiebreaker- Head to head

- 2nd tiebreaker- Fewest Goals Against

- 3rd tiebreaker- Fewest Penalty Minutes

- 4th tiebreaker- To be revealed in sealed envelope made before tourney.

Tournament Rules
USA Hockey Rules Apply

- Minor Penalties = 2 Minutes of Run Time

- Major Penalties = 5 Minutes of Run Time

- Misconduct Penalties = 10 Minutes of Run Time

- Fighting will result in possible game misconduct    
  and possible game suspension 
  (Referee and Tournament Committee Discretion)

- Penalty time begins when the puck is  
  dropped after the penalty is called

- Slap shots ARE permitted
- Checking is NOT permitted

- The center red line will be used for icing purposes only

(USA Rules)

- ONE :30 second timeout is allowed by each team per game

- Championship Game- If tied after regulation a three minute sudden death period will be played stop-time 4x4. If still tied, a five man shootout will take place